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EMBRACERF™ in Denver

  • HOw it Works
  • Candidates
  • In-Office Treatment
  • It is the best option anyone not ready for a face and neck lift but who still want transformative and long lasting results.
  • It uses a novel combination and application of radiofrequency energy above and below the skin of the lower face and neck to ‘mold’ unwanted pockets of fat and tighten age related loose skin.
  • Advanced safety mechanisms, including internal and external thermal sensors that limit the likelihood of burns, make this device’s safety profile very desirable.
  • Recovery, including postoperative discomfort and swelling, is drastically reduced when compared to more invasive surgeries like a face and neck lift.
  • Benefits of EmbraceRF

    • Only requires one treatment
    • Can be performed under local anesthesia
    • Proven technology with consistent results
    • bullseye
      Minimal downtime

    EMBRACERF™ Before & After Photos

    EmbraceRF After Results in DenverEmbrace RF Results in Denver


    I had only a little discomfort with my EmbraceRF procedure and it took less than an hour to complete. The recovery was a breeze. For me, the best part is that we were able to make my neck and lower face look so much better without having to do a face and neck lift. Thank you Dr. Martin!

    Mariah P - Denver EmbraceRF Patient